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Based on more than 30 years of clinical practice

Based on more than 30 years of clinical practice

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Anger Counseling
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  What's Inside The Anger Clinic?

This self-paced program guides men and women where anger comes from and how to control their anger, avoid building resentment, and effectively prevent inter-personal escalation of anger in relationships using a time tested method of dealing with the underlying causes of anger by addressing the deepest origins of anger and feeling powerless.


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1. What Is Anger?

Why we get angry
The psychology of anger
The physiology of anger
What is it not?

2. More Than A Feeling

Is anger a feeling? (... No, anger is a reaction)
Does everyone get angry? (... Yes, anger is an automatic response)
What is anger a response to?
Anger as evolutionary advantage

3. Anger And Aggression

How are anger and aggression related?
Are they the same?
Does anger always lead to aggression?
Is physical aggression the only leverage that arises from anger?

4. What Causes Anger

What sequence causes anger?
What mindset causes anger?
What feeling causes anger?

5. Dealing With The Root Cause

Why are we more angry when we're also more vulnerable?
Our brains spell Danger without the 'D'
Is anger preventable?
Knowledge and practice, but where do we focus?

6. Different Forms Of Anger

Men and women express their anger differently
Leverage, Coercion, Threat, Ultimatum

7. Anger Prevention

What to look for
Catching the triggers
Preventing the threshold
Once you're angry - now what?

8. Escalation In Relationship

How anger works in relationship
The 3 stages of anger (all 3 can be prevented or easily recognized and dealt with

9. How To Respond To Anger

Dealing with your own anger (by stages)
Responding to your partner's anger
Healing together

10. FREE Bonus: How To Win Any Disagreement

The best attitude to win any disagreement with your lover
And find harmony (advanced)


I help individuals and couples deal with Anger and Anxiety issues. I specialize in interpersonal relationship.
I have 30+ years experience in the mental health field dealing with Anger, Resentment, Anxiety and Stress related issues.

In the past 20 years, I have developed a relationship-centric program that is specifically focused on creating loving, working, respectful, accepting relationships that bring couples back to their intended relationship goals (deep intimate love, collaboration, validation and emotional safety)

Join me in my passion and mission; to bring peace and harmony  back to the individuals and relationships that suffer from anger, by addressing anger at its deepest origin.

Real Clients - Real Results ...

 Anthony is good - Really good at what he does. 
 You truly saved our marriage. 
 The program is great! The program works 
 We learned so much is a short period of time. 
 We're so thankful you came into our lives at just the right time. 
 Thank you! From the bottom of my heart. 
 5 Stars - Deep, insightful, effective - without the fluff. 
 We tried other therapists - Anthony is the real deal. 
 Thank you for helping me discover my life again. 
 All I can say to you, Anthony, is Thank You... 
 You save lives, you make people whole again. 

60 Day - 100% No Questions Asked - Money Back Guarantee

You have absolutely nothing to loose

This program is designed for people who are serious about getting their anger under control. This program is not intended to be a quick fix for people who aren't serious about understanding and managing their anger or who aren't serious about learning new ways to effectively communicate, interact, collaborate, etc. In order for this course to be successful for you, you need to be flexible to make fundamental changes in the way you interact with your surroundings and the people within it. This program DOES NOT require you to learn a new religion, use mind-hacks mantras or short-cuts.

This program is NOT a substitute for psychotherapeutic techniques, where necessary. If you are in need of medical or mental-health intervention, please contact your physician, licensed mental-health professional or nearest hospital emergency location. If you consider yourself fragile, addicted to hard-drugs, marginalized due to your socio-economic status, suffer from a diagnosed mental illness then this course is unlikely the right choice for you.

This program is based on direct intervention techniques practiced over more than 30 years of marriage intervention.

Are you ready to do what it takes to create a new approach to anger?

You won't be disappointed. (Or your money back of course)